Going digital in private practice – which 3D Scanner to buy and why?
Speaker(s): Dr. Ash Parmar
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3D and Digital Imaging, Dental Technology

Going digital in private practice – which 3D Scanner to buy and why?

Dr. Ash Parmar

Discover how 3D Scanners have revolutionised dentistry, Ash will share why he thinks 3D Dental Scanners are a must-have for Dental Practices


  • Introduction to the practice and Academy
  • How and when I bought our 3Shape Scanner
  • Why I chose 3Shape
  • How I financed it
  • Main uses of the scanner
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Do I still need to take analogue impressions (time, ease, habits, etc)

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Dr. Ash Parmar

Ashish B Parmar (Ash) is a private dentist and has a unique state-of-the-art dental practice in Chigwell, Essex called Smile Design By Ash (www.smiledesignbyash.co.uk). More about Ash: –

  • National and international lecturer
  • Has a training academy teaching dentists from all over UK and Europe (www.theacademybyash.co.uk)
  • “Dentist to dentists” – Due to his clinical skills and knowledge, Ash has a number of dentists and their family members as his clients
  • Extensively featured on TV (Extreme Makeover UK, This Morning, The Only Way Is Essex, Body Shockers, Channel 5 News) and national newspapers and magazines

Contacting Ash:
Mob: 07971 291180
Email: training@theacademybyash.co.uk